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Nivagen believes the success of our partnerships is dependent on the success of each of our partners – meaning our partners’ success is crucial to our success. To this end, Nivagen is actively looking for development and co-development partners. Beginning in the lab, to the logistics team, to the contract and finance experts.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly research and innovation intensive. Nivagen partners with specialized and industry-leading research labs around the world to co-develop branded and complex generic products on a shared risk and profit basis. Nivagen forms strategic alliances with leading pharmaceutical industry participants to co-develop products from any stage of development, by providing scientific, financial, and regulatory support to complete the filing of NDAs/ANDAs, and to subsequently commercialize the products in North America.

Working with Nivagen allows you to have access to our market research which is the key in helping you identify niche products with attractive markets and margins. We then invest in product development and the commercialization in the US market.